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My Work

My Work

I graduated from the University of Malta with a bachelor’s degree in Communication studies in 2007. I then started working for a local television station in sales and later in the accounts department. Here I also started voicing radio and television adverts. I moved on to script writing on ‘Xablott’, a small television series in 2010 and was one of a group of writers on ‘Il-Klikka’ and ‘Rajt ma Rajtx’ before making script writing my “full time job”. I wrote my first original story ‘Strada Stretta’ in 2015, which went on to win 8 awards at The Malta Television Awards in 2017, including Best Script. I am now currently working on a new television drama series airing in 2018, which will be produced by Sharp Shoot Media.

Strada Stretta

Produced by Sharp Shoot media. A multi award winning drama set in the 1950’s about a young woman who escapes from home in search of a better life.

Rajt ma Rajtx

Produced by Sharp Shoot Media. Stories of a paranormal nature were collected from the public and then adapted into short stories for television.


Produced by V SQUARED media. Il-Klikka is a drama about a group of women, their friendship and their struggles.


Produced by One Productions ltd. Xablott is a drama about a young man’s connection to an underground secret society and his struggle to win over the girl of his dreams.