About Audrey Unscripted

Hello and welcome to Audrey Unscripted! I’m Audrey, a 31-year-old Christian, wife, mother and freelance scriptwriter. I’m committed to family life and make it my priority. I also love sharing anything I come across that motivates and inspires me as a woman and a mother. I believe experience and wisdom are there to be shared and to provide comfort and strength. My lifestyle blog aims to provide and share those experiences with other fellow woman out there who are as passionate about fashion, beauty, home decor, DIYs, family life, art, travel, cooking, cinematography and faith (not in any order of preference) as much as I am.

Just about four years ago I became a wife, grieved the loss of a child, became a mother again and had an unplanned career change. My world was turned upside down, in what seemed like a second, but never have I ever been more challenged, scared and excited to live life at the same time. It has been a whirlwind of intense ups and downs, of unexpected heartaches and other joyous adventures that keep my pulse racing and make every single breath on this earth count just because I get to share this incredible journey with the people I love.

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