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Spring Home Decor 2020

Spring Home Decor 2020

I’m glad I took the time to decorate around the house this Spring. Now that we are forced to spend so much time indoors because of the current situation, it’s nice to have some seasonal reminders that cheer up our home and make our space feel cozy, fun and inviting.

I made these simple and inexpensive garlands with paper (colored or any other fancy paper you may have at home). I just designed a simple rabbit shape and traced it to my paper, cut a few of them out and then I glued them or you may also tape them to the string from the back. Alternatively to string you may use ribbon or strong raffia. For Leo’s bedroom, we went for colorful paper and pom-poms for tails. For the garlands I made in the kitchen and living space I decorated them with pearl craft stickers for tails and little raffia bows. You could customize the bows to match any color scheme you have around the house.

I also made these really adorable fabric bunnies; using scrap fabric I had leftover from the curtains and filled them in with cushion filler or even rice (I tried both and found fillers to be more suited). I designed a bunny pattern, keeping it simple, I cut out both sides, back and front and started gluing them together with my glue gun but alternatively, you could stitch it together. Once I had gone over most of the edges, I left a small gap open so that I may fill the bunny in with the filler of choice and glued the last bit together. Then I added a bow around the neck and curled up a silver pipe cleaner as a tail for Leo’s one and a button for the other.

I covered an old frame in some leftover fabric, then using the same bunny design, I layered the fabric on some fancy paper, added a few bows and a tail to complete it. I used the same concept for Leo’s bedroom and used a simple white frame and layered a bunny shape over fancy magazine paper. Magazines sometimes will have the best-patterned paper for these kinds of crafts, so it is worth checking out some old magazines and collect a few.

I also had previously bought some inexpensive, white, fake flowers (I always get white ones because these look less fake then ones with more vibrant colors) and looked around for alternative vase options. I used a simple glass jar, took the top off, fixed the flowers in and added a bow. Since in our living space I needed something that wouldn’t be breakable as Leo could easily reach it, I had a small tin bucket, which I covered with burlap and a bow and used that as a base for my flowers. In the kitchen I had some flowers fixed into an old teapot to bring a touch of spring there as well. The mini rabbit cake stand is a new addition to this year’s decor as well and I’m so glad I purchased it just in time before lockdown.

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