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Life On Lockdown

Life On Lockdown

As we all segregate ourselves at home, I can’t help but feel like once all of this is over, the world will be a very different place. Beyond the dangers of the virus itself, we will have to deal with our mental state and new financial challenges that may bring the world’s economy to a new reality. Yes, this situation is anything but ideal but we have been blessed with the opportunity to slow down, reconsider our priorities and work on our relationships and of course ourselves. There has never been a better time to learn to adjust to stressful and extraordinary situations during times of crisis. Things that seemed so important before now have become unnecessary or even futile. Now that we are forced to take life at a slower pace we can finally see the bigger picture and face our life for what it really is. We now yearn for change and self-growth, for gratitude, character building, and real relationships. Our new reality is very different from the one we knew before this pandemic hit but we need to rise up to the occasion because it now has hit very close to home. Change never comes easy but the sooner we learn to adjust, the sooner we can function through these extraordinary days.

If like me you suffer from anxiety, limit your time on social media and just follow official press briefings to keep yourself updated with valid information. Also, make sure to keep yourself busy. Whether it’s the usual housework that needs to be done, reading, baking or crafting, keep your mind busy and practice being present in the moment by doing something you genuinely enjoy. It might also be a great time to take on a new hobby. Journaling and listing down your worries, hopes and what you’re grateful for can be incredibly healing and uplifting as well. Finally, pray! The bible is clear; the most effective way of stopping your anxiousness is by bringing it to the Lord in prayer. And I am living proof that this actually works.

Have some kind of routine, no matter how simple this may be. Having some sort of structure is beneficial especially if you have children, who thrive on routines. Having said that one can still be flexible and reap the benefits of taking life at a slower pace in these exceptional times.

Get your daily dose of fresh air and Vitamin D. Open the windows and let in some fresh air or even better enjoy some time outside in the sun (in a garden, balcony or on the roof). Vitamin D instantly improves your mood, which is so very beneficial at this time to ensure better mental health. Kids will especially benefit from some playtime outside and physical activity.

This whole ordeal has been a great opportunity to spend more time together as a family and as a couple, however, we sometimes yearn for more time alone. If you have children it can be difficult to find some time for yourself. So it’s a great idea to take turns so that both you and your better half get the chance to spend some time on your own for self-care. Being together, constantly on a daily basis may be challenging over a period of time so seeking some private time may benefit the whole family.

Involve your children in daily house chores and nurture in them a love for homemaking. Kids love seasonal decor and what better time to involve them in making some simple garlands or other seasonal crafts to hang around the house. We are after all spending so much time indoors. Keeping our house tidy and cheerful even if times are hard will make all the difference. But make sure to lower your expectations. Now that all the family is staying at home don’t expect your house to look like a show home. I often struggle with a floor full of toys but I tell myself my 4-year-old will one day leave home and that this won’t last forever. Being realistic helps lower my standards and deal with the mess.

Finally make sure to eat and sleep well, to boost your immune system levels. Getting enough rest may be tricky if you have kids but consider naps and going to bed an hour early occasionally to boost your energy levels.

As we focus on our relationships don’t forget that this may be the perfect opportunity to work on your relationship with your creator. Living a life separate and autonomous of that very God who gave you life and brought you into being maybe the worst idea ever. Realizing we need our father and setting aside our pride at this delicate time may give us an opportunity to heal as we learn to trust him with our lives and allow a new sense of peace to harmonize our existence and fuel our life with purpose.

Disclaimer: Despite this very well put together plan, I’ve had panic attacks and cried, been overwhelmed at the mess in my home, got cross with my husband and child, didn’t sleep or eat well and momentarily lost my faith in God. Then I started all over again!

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