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To Endings And New Beginnings

To Endings And New Beginnings

L-Gharusa is slowly coming to a close and even though my work here is officially over, I still feel like it’s not a closed chapter for me until the last episode airs. I must admit this has been the hardest script I have worked on so far as it involved multiple plots and diverging timelines as well as characters of great complexity, which made the project exciting but also very overwhelming at times. It was definitely challenging bringing this story to the screen but needless to say, I walk away enriched and with a greater sense of achievement. I am grateful to have been part of a team that marched on amidst all the difficulties. I am so proud to call these people my friends. They have inspired and motivated me to stay committed to a production that demanded our utmost. It was an honor to work with such a brilliant cast and crew, to befriend them and to learn from them.

Many have asked what I’ll be working on next, but quite honestly at the time I’m just enjoying gathering ideas and being inspired. I won’t lie, Ideas are overflowing and have been fogging up my brain constantly. Usually, I don’t find it’s hard for ideas to randomly appear, whatever I’m working on at the time, stories keep flowing in. But actually sitting down and committing to one idea at a time doesn’t come easy. So, for now, I will enjoy whatever spare time I have on my hands, not that there is much of that at the moment! Keeping up with a very lively four year old is more than enough to have on my plate.

I love scripting drama but I’m seriously tempted, given the opportunity, to script a film, which should be an interesting new way of developing a story. What is certain is that I’m not done with my love for costume drama. I’m constantly nostalgic for a time I never knew. If I could have one dream fulfilled it would surely be to own a time-traveling machine and a free pass through centuries of history. So for as long as I will be able to write, I will never grow bored of exploring characters through time, different social classes and parallel plot lines. Humanity has never really changed, our hopes and aspirations, as well as our fears and anxieties, are still very much the same, no matter where or when in history we’ve been born. Exploring such characters is not only intriguing but also an eye-opener to the realities we commonly share.

And if you are wondering how L-Gharusa will be ending make sure to tune in to the very end where decisions create consequence and illusions echo reality. But put your minds at rest Fenech Lauri will be getting to the bottom of this, just make sure you are there to witness the big reveal yourself. The last episode will air in April. A big thank you goes out to all of the cast and crew at Sharp Shoot Media especially Justin and Angelle, TVM, all of the contributors and sponsors who have made this possible and my husband who’s love and support never fails me.

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