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Mini Gozo Trip! 2019

Mini Gozo Trip! 2019

This was probably the worst time to go away on a trip since it is just weeks away from the start of a new television season. Figuring out how to get through deadlines and managing our commitments can be stressful around this time of year, but the idea of taking time off and spending time together somehow made more sense. Now I know I have said it countless times before, traveling with kids is not about relaxing but rather about making memories together and generally just spending time with the ones you love away from the usual hustle. Changing a child’s usual routine, of course , comes with its challenges.

Our goal was to get three days away in Gozo to enjoy each other’s company before putting all of our focus and energy on delivering work on time. We stayed at the Cesca boutique Hotel in Munxar, which is gorgeously positioned close to Xlendi. The place is beautiful, peaceful and has a charming traditional farmhouse yet contemporary feel to it. We loved this hotel and would definitely recommend it (none of this is sponsored by the way).

We also managed to take Leo to Dreams of Horses a beautiful sanctuary for horses and other farm animals. This was our second time visiting and Leo would definitely recommend the experience. If like our son your child is obsessed with horses or farm animal, this little excursion should be top of the list.

Let’s keep it real; when traveling with little ones trips aren’t always perfect but they are made of perfect little moments that make all your efforts worthwhile. We left Gozo with lightly tanned skin and a bag full of memories. I want to credit Steve for all the pictures in this post, I’m usually busy keeping up with Leo and it is generally nice to stay present in the moment. It is probably the single most important thing on any trip; Be present, your children need your full attention, give them that kind of security and love money can’t buy.

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