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Malta’s Old Railway Is Coming To l-Gharusa Season Two.

Malta’s Old Railway Is Coming To l-Gharusa Season Two.

With only a few more weeks left to the start of the new and final season of L-Gharusa, the audience undoubtedly would love to know more about what to expect and we are so excited to unveil this new chapter of a beloved project. So here are some juicy details that will hopefully satisfy some of your curiosity.

The Day After

Our star crossed lovers were caught in bed together by Arturo, Bettina’s father, who needless to say didn’t take the discovery too well, especially since the couple admitted to being already married. So what happens next?

Season two will take off the day after the masked ball, so all the reactions are yet to be uncovered. What is certain is that Arturo’s bitterness will take the better of him.

New faces

It’s no secret that season two will bring forth some new characters. Carlotta and Enrico, cousins to Bettina will be spending a summer with the Gauci Fontana’s and stirring up some interesting new dynamics in the family. They also seem to come with their own ‘dark’ secrets.

Dress speaks volumes

In 2018 we can expect a very interesting discovery to be made, one that may lead to the actual history of the dress’s owner. Perhaps a secret message that was there all along!! But as expected it won’t be plain sailing for Liz and Alan. Manuel may cause his share of trouble.

Challenging scenes

We have such a rich local history that it’s hard to control one’s urge to tell a story in such enticing surroundings. The team at Sharp Shoot never shy away from a challenge and they will make any dream a reality! Stay tuned because the old railway may be coming back to the island, even if just for one, movie-magic moment.

Who killed Bettina Gauci Fontana

Ultimately the question on everyone’s minds is; who actually killed Bettina Gauci Fontana? There are some interesting theories circulating the internet however the wait really isn’t that long when one considers that this final season will wrap up by next spring. So hang in there and don’t miss the first episode on Tuesday 1st October 2019.

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