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Spring Home Decor DIY

Spring Home Decor DIY

It is officially Spring 2019 but it seems like the weather never got the memo!

 I am so desperately waiting for warmer, sunny days, which we typically have around this time of year but until then I am trying to bring some of that spring enthusiasm at home by decorating for the season. I am still a long way to go but at least I’ve started somewhere and Leo is now old enough to appreciate the effort. He will of course wreck most of those decorations by the end of the season but ultimately the goal is for him is to appreciate each season as a gift from God. So I don’t mind it too much if he wants to have some hands on play with some of the decor since he is obviously intrigued with all the flowers and butterflies going on.

I started with my heart wreath, which we hang in our hallway and decorate according to season. This year I wanted a burst of flowers and went for a flower arrangement. I usually hate artificial flowers but find ivory and white flowers somehow look less funny and can still be made to look sophisticated and pretty. So I bought a bunch of artificial white flowers and a few sprays of yellow bud/pom-pom like flowers for a relatively cheap price, cut each flower or strand separately and laid it out on the table before I started weaving it through the branches on the heart. I played around with the flowers until I was happy with the arrangement. Later I also added a small craft store nest with a few plastic eggs, which Leo loves to check on a daily basis just to see if any have hatched. No luck yet!! I love the way this turned out and I didn’t even have to use any wire for this I just simply worked the stems into the wood. I do however suggest using players when cutting the flowers since I initially tried my luck with kitchen scissors first but the task proved difficult.

With the left over flowers I decided I wanted to make two more flower wreaths for the kitchen and one to go on the bookshelf. Again I played around with the flowers until I was happy with how they looked and fixed a checked ribbon to the ends so that I could tie it up on the doorknobs or hang it anywhere. For a final touch I had remembered buying and holding on to some Butterfly clips and I quickly and effortlessly clipped them in on one side of the wreath. Even here I didn’t use any wire and managed to weave the flowers around each other whilst giving them their shape by bending their own wire stems. I love the pop of colour and they really do make it feel more like spring. Now all we need is to pray for some warm weather and sunlight in the coming weeks.

We don’t decorate for Easter since we don’t celebrate it but I got this cute Peter Rabbit look-alike last year, which Leo loves to play with and since we try to bring the outdoors in and reinterpret nature’s seasonal best in our house decor ‘ Peter Rabbit’ seems to be very fitting. I am also planning to decant a few chocolate eggs and sweets in some pretty glass jars for the kitchen and also dry out some citrus fruit for decoration. Please let me know if this is something you would like me to share with you in a later post. Until then, happy home-making and thank God for Spring and a shift in season.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ( Ecclesiastes 3:1)

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