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L-Gharusa. Moving Forward.

L-Gharusa. Moving Forward.

We are now officially counting down the days to the end of L-Gharusa, Season One. Needless to say everyone down at Sharp Shoot Media is tirelessly working up to the deadline. This is a recap of what we know so far and what to expect in the season finale to be aired next week.

Bettina and Diego are now married but Bettina is still very much bound to her responsibilities as an heir to the Gauci Fontanas. The star-crossed lovers still have a few challenges to deal with as they struggle to be set free of conventions and other family – related drama. On the other hand, Bert’s ancestry discovery has left him somewhat confused but his arrogance persists and Arturo still feels Bert’s money and social status are exactly what his daughter or rather his family so desperately needs. Lucrezia, on the other hand has directed all of her grief towards raising the son she was never able to call her own, as much of her abusive past is finally uncovered. Arturo is hesitant of the young man living with them but is keen on making Lucrezia happy and he hopes Kalcidon’s presence will somehow cure her of her grief.

Amelia is facing quite a few challenges of her own.  Some mysterious findings at the maid’s quarters will surely leave her confused and searching for answers whilst her dislike of Nena, the maid grows stronger in the light of such new revelations. Now that Bernard has professed his love for her, Amelia finds herself at a crossroad, very much similar to that of her deceased cousin Bettina. She is very much aware that her choices have to be calculated and her every step well thought trough.

Diego seems to have more ties to the island than he initially thought and Septa hopes that he left the circus not just because he fell in love with Bettina but also because he wants to investigate more about his origins. Intrigued by his past and eager to know more about his biological father Diego is taken by what Septa has to reveal and she gladly uses any information acquired to keep him hanging.

So much has been said about Marie and Giovanni and their link to ‘Strada Stretta’. Many who haven’t seen ‘Strada Stretta’ were confused when Lydia (which would eventually be their first born) was brought up. There is no real link between the two stories but Marie and Giovanni are in fact the same characters only younger. Them featuring was of course much cause for speculation and part of the viewers who have in fact followed ‘Strada Stretta’ can appreciate the subtle link and a glimpse into the lives of these characters at an earlier stage of their life. Those who haven’t on the other hand, have nothing to worry about. They are not missing out on any key threads of the plot.

You will probably be wondering if I can disclose any details about the last, closing episode of the season. It would be hard to give away any spoilers but I can reveal that there will be a jaw dropping revelation made by a certain young misses who is helping the police in their investigation and like in every self respecting period drama expect a very big party to end it all; a masked ball to be exact, with fantastic gowns, masks and plenty of drama. As may be expected, some guests may turn up uninvited, but we are extending that invite to you, so make sure you tune in for the very last episode that you really can’t miss out on!

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