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Another Year, Another Party!

Another Year, Another Party!

My little man has turned three back in January and has in the meantime started school. He is slowly looking more like a little boy rather than a toddler which makes me realise just how right everyone was to point out just how hard it will be to hold onto time now that he is growing up so fast, so all I can really do is to treasure the memories we make along the way.

We threw him a farm themed party because he is currently obsessed with farm animals and we were sure, given the chance to decide he would have picked that particular theme himself. It becomes easier to please them as they grow older and they make their preferences known.

The anticipation to the event was part of the fun and this year he was very much aware of what was going on. He made sure to remind me everyday leading up to the party just how old he was going to be and that we were having a Farm animal themed party.

Thanks to the able hands of our caterers the cake was a huge success both with the birthday boy and guests. Picking out the flavour wasn’t a very difficult task since I figured nothing would be more pleasing than chocolate and it would make sense looking at something that resembled soil as you cut into a farm yard cake.

I had a hard time trying to figure out the souvenirs and I couldn’t find something I was happy with so eventually I decided to get creative and make something myself and given how very little time I had on my hands, I needed to come up with something I could put together quickly and I must admit I’m very happy with how they turned out. I got some red and white mini pales, tied a small checked ribbon round the handle and filled it up with sweets. For the tag I managed to find some stickers with thankful messages on them and instead of using them as stickers, I left the backing on and just cut round them to make a tag and punched a hole with a puncher so that I could have the ribbon go through it. I had kept some wooden boxes and recycled them by filling them with hay and using them as display boxes for the favours.

Considering it took relatively no time to make, everyone seemed to love them. If you also love getting creative when organizing events please share those DIYs with me. I find them very inspirational and I just think it is so special taking the time to make something for someone you love.

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