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French Yogurt Cake

French Yogurt Cake

It’s finally backing season again and the oven seems to be on most days. If we’re not cooking a hearty meal we are probably backing cookies or making cakes. We had some friends over on a Sunday and we put together a high tea style brunch and of course we had to have cake. This is an easy, delicious, all in one bowl, French Yogurt cake. Follow the recipe if you would like to give it a try. You can also add berries to it but unfortunately I didn’t find any at the time and had to go without, but it turned out just as good. Just make sure you keep the yogurt pot to measure out some other ingredients.

French Yogurt Cake

1 Pot natural yogurt

2 Pots self-rising flour

1 Pot sugar

1/2 Pot coconut or vegetable oil

3 eggs

Pinch of salt

Dash of vanilla essence

Raspberries or Blackberries (optional)

Icing sugar for dusting

Just Pre heat the oven to 180. Then in a bowl mix the ingredients one by one as listed above. Use the Yogurt pot to measure out the flour, sugar and oil. When you are done mixing the batter pour it into the cake tin and drop in some berries of your choice, pushing them into the batter slightly. Bake for approximately 45 minutes. Then you may dust it with icing sugar.

I loved the way it turned out and I decorated it with some pinecones and a stem of artificial gold berries. It was just what we needed with a fine cup of tea.

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