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Capturing amazing underwater scenes

Capturing amazing underwater scenes

I can get carried away sometimes. I start writing and all of a sudden the protagonists are just in the most surreal surroundings. This is what happened when I was writing this particular dream sequence for L-Għarusa. I never imagined how painstakingly difficult filming this would be for both the actors and crew. But if there is one thing I appreciate about this production, it’s the dedicated cast and crew that would go to any lengths to get the perfect shot.

The scene was meant to look ethereal with the actors floating in water effortlessly. That is the way it looks but the actual getting there was harder then anything I could ever wrap my mind around.

We filmed at the Malta film studios in Kalkara at one of the tanks and started working after the sun had set. A marathon, which lasted to the very early hours of the morning, for a good part of the crew. I was home at about midnight but for the rest of the crew work was done by 5.30am.

The actresses had to have weights on their feet so that they wouldn’t float back up. Needless to say this was both hard to execute and dangerous but we are working with some of the most professional people I have ever met. Not once did I hear anyone complain.

The girls wore white, contributing to an even more incredible effect on camera and had extra fabric floating around them. Make up here proved to be tricky but our amazing make up team did a terrific job, playing with light and shadows, which emphasised the look we needed for this shot.

Some of the crew present on set that day were not even scheduled for work but their perseverance and love for the project made it possible, diving into the water and helping with coordinating all of the stunts.

We just can’t wait for the audience to see this scene, a first of its kind for Maltese television. Make sure to follow more of our adventure here on Audrey unscripted.

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