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L-Gharusa Circus Scene at the Malta Film Studios

L-Gharusa Circus Scene at the Malta Film Studios

Nothing beats the thrill of being on set! The hours are long and the work is hard but the magic that happens when a group of people work on creating something special is worth all of the sacrifice and time invested.

I still can’t believe that what started out like a crazy idea has actually become possible as we started shooting the circus scenes at the Malta film studios in Kalkara. The scale of this production as well as the level of artistry has brought an actual 1930s circus to life.

I absolutely loved styling the actors alongside Angelle Farrugia on such a fun set. We were able to go crazy and get creative whilst holding on to historical elements that remind us of a genuine 1930s circus by using both genuine vintage pieces as well as faithful reproductions.

After careful research we discussed the characters and their particular roles within the circus with the Make up team and hair department and they were able to translate all we had in mind perfectly.

The hours invested in this production are too many to count and most people find it hard to believe what it really takes to actually make it happen but when you are working with such a talented and creative team that genuinely love their work, their dedication determines the success of the series. Not to mention the director’s extraordinary ability to bring it all together as well as all those involved in pre and post -production, such as the production assistants, set designer and the editors. All the talented actors and extras that patiently wait in between takes, whatever the weather, definitely make the filming process run smoother.

What was particularly surreal to me was standing on a film set where Gladiator, Troy, Game of Thrones and other great series and movies have been filmed. Fort Ricasoli holds so much cinematic history that one can’t help but get excited working on such a site. Sharp Shoot Media has taken on the challenge of making this set a first in local drama history, pushing back boundaries and bringing to life an impossible dream. One that started with me writing about Bettina Gauci Fontana and her cousin Emilia as they enter the magical realm of a circus, a world so foreign to them that will eventually forever be part of their destiny.

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