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A New Script! A New Adventure!

A New Script! A New Adventure!

I finally can reveal a little something I’ve been working on for the past year now. L-Gharusa is a series set in the early thirties airing as of next October, produced by Sharp Shoot Media. I am so very happy and proud to be working with the same team as Strada Stretta, not only because I know that the project is in good hands, but also because these wonderful people have become an extended family and dear friends .The fact that they are great professionals makes the journey a whole lot more exciting.


The challenges are many and the road ahead is long and slightly scary given that period dramas are never easy to produce. Greater care is taken to ensure that hair, make-up and wardrobe is as true to the times as well as the character in question. Apart from the script I also take care of the wardrobe department together with my good friend Angelle Farrugia and as difficult as this role may be, I love it! This is what after all got me hooked on period dramas and movies; I love the care that is taken when dressing up each character. I love how what they wear speaks volumes not just about the era but also about the character itself, their history, their role! Styling them hints to where they are coming from and where they will be going.


Writing has been challenging as well considering that I have a two year old to tend to this time. He has of course, very inconveniently decided he is over taking naps in the afternoon so unless someone kindly watches over him I am unable to sit down and do some actual writing. Even if the working conditions are anything but ideal, I try to work on a schedule to keep myself motivated and focused.


The story starts off in 2018 with the purchase of a vintage 1932 wedding dress. The Bride who wore it was tragically murdered on the day of her wedding just before she walked down the aisle. Liz, a young student working for Museum owners Manuel and his son Alan is intrigued to know if this is in fact just a legend or if there is more to this story. In 1931 after a mysterious fire at a circus camp, the aristocratic family of the Gauci Fontanas decide to take in a number of gypsy circus performers who are left homeless. Bettina, their only daughter who is soon to be married is suddenly exposed to more of the outside world than she ever could have imagined. After the murder Inspector Fenech Lauri is determined to find whoever is responsible for the young woman’s demise. The genre is of course a murder mystery/Romance.


I will try my best to keep you updated as work progresses but other than that it’s all one big secret….So shhhh! Make sure to tune in and like the official L-Gharusa Facebook page for more exclusive content and behind the scenes information. Also follow my blog for more updates as the mystery unfolds!

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