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Getting Older

Getting Older

Once you hit your thirties birthdays start loosing their charm. But still, with each passing year I feel even more blessed to be aging. There are people who don’t make it this far, so I’m welcoming all the obvious physical changes that come with it, such as a few grey hairs here and there, which had shocked me when they first appeared but I’m now growing fond of.


Now that I have turned thirty-two I am wise enough to accept and appreciate life and its metamorphosis but hopefully young enough to make the most of it. ‘Making the most of it’ of course must mean very different things to different people. This is how I made the ‘most’ of my day when I turned thirty -two.

Just the thought of having an off day where you can do something that is not usually in your scheduled routine can be very uplifting. That and Cake! Because who doesn’t like cake, especially on their birthday!! So my boys and I headed off to a new café in Balzan and had an afternoon tea. Spending time with the boys has to be my favourite thing to do, especially when I can convince them that a very feminine looking cafe can be just as charming for them as it is for me. Of course they are always eager to please me and I don’t think they minded all the pink just as long as they had plenty of scones and frosted muffins.

The decor was really delightful and made our visit a whole lot more special. We then stopped at the park for the usual swing then slide, then swing then slide again, make a new friend, then swing again and so forth. We went to some shops and then returned home to everyday family life, which might seem boring to many but for me THIS is the ultimate! Spending time with my family, watching them have fun, that is ‘making the most of it’. After putting my son to bed we even managed to watch an episode from a new drama. Then we succumbed to the exhaustion of running after a two year old, because even if it is your birthday you are always on mummy duties no matter what. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I thank God for each and every opportunity I have to share this life with the people I love. If you learn to embrace the beauty of change then ageing becomes a blessing not a curse. That is after all what the idea of celebrating your birthday is all about. Hopefully we grow wise enough to appreciate life as a gift and be grateful for the opportunity of growing older.

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