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Favourite Products Going Into Spring

Favourite Products Going Into Spring

I usually stick to what is tried and tested but I do occasionally change up some of the products I use just to see if I can find formulas that work better for me. Here are some new products I’ve tried out and liked for both me and my baby.

The Body shop Tea Tree squeaky clean scrub and skin clearing foaming cleanser: I have tried a few products from this range and always liked them, the smell of Tea Tree may be a little overpowering for some but I actually like it. I use the scrub when I really want to get my make up off or feel excessively oily. The foam is gentler but just as refreshing. Great if you have oily or blemish prone skin.


Acqua Alle Rose wipes: Must be the best facial wipes I’ve tried so far. I couldn’t find anything that would actually take my entire make up off, not just the top layer. Other wipes just left me feeling disgusting and I would usually break out the next day. With these that doesn’t happen. They effectively do the job and are 95% natural, so they get top marks from me. Great for travelling since I can’t be bothered with taking a long time to take my make up off.

dr.organic Pomegranate body wash and Tea Tree deodorant: I love this brand and have used various products by them mainly because they are free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, SLS, Aluminium and so on. I love the sent of pomegranate and the deodorant is as effective as you would need your deo to be! I have tried a lot of natural deodorants and this by far has been the best.

The Body Shop Shea body butter was a hit with me through the winter months. All of their body butters are excellent and smell heavenly. Now I have been trying the Bottega Verde Shea butter, which smells incredible and is really a treat for dry skin. From Bottega Verde I am also excited to try out their mild oat shampoo, which I have already used on my son since it is gentle enough for all the family. This also smells incredible and left his hair really soft.

Speaking of my toddler, I have been using the earth friendly baby soothing chamomile shampoo and body wash, which is 99.2% natural. The scent is lovely and this is slightly less pricy than other products I have used before.

Finally I was tempted to try a dry shampoo, because being a mum means less time to get things done so anything that can magically give fresher looking hair the next day I washed it is right up my street. I got the Nirvel green dry shampoo, which honestly I had never heard of, but this works great and smells really good too. My only complaint is that it does leave you with some white, ashy tones until you really work it into the scalp but other then that it has really been a life saver. It gives volume and makes you look presentable even with next day washed hair.

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