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A sweet surprise!

A sweet surprise!

My husband has outdone himself this year. Not that he never got me cards, flowers or chocolates before, but this year he actually took the time (out of his very busy schedule I might add) to get artisan, hand made chocolate and personally selected and put together a box for me. They are by far the most visually stunning and yummy chocolates I have ever tasted. I must say I was impressed and appreciated his efforts to make me feel special. It is really beautiful when we can make the people we love happy by giving them gifts, but this world often confuses love with chemistry, passion and lust. As a Christian our view of love changes forever and takes on a deeper, more spiritual meaning. In the bible we are reminded that ‘Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends’ (John 15;13)

In fact Jesus died for us all and paid the ultimate price with his sacrifice, connecting us back to a father and a God we would have forever lost due to our sinful nature in this fallen world. A marriage is meant to signify the love of Christ to his church (in other words, his love towards us). That being said he knows we will fall short of loving each other with the kind of love that only he is capable of giving but the institution within itself and our willingness to live a life that pleases God helps us understand what love really is and how we can express it genuinely and receive it fully.

Flowers, chocolates and cards are a great way to show someone you care but it takes much more to love someone than candy or a second of orchestrated happiness. No matter what you think about love or what your relationship with God may be, if you are looking for the real deal just keep in mind that it takes a supernatural kind of love, one that does not look anything like what this world can give but more like a perfect love that only God can offer. So dear husband, thank you for trying your best to love me supernaturally! I feel very blessed. I love you too.

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