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Creating Our Feature Gallery Wall

Creating Our Feature Gallery Wall

Our latest DIY in home improvement has been taking a bare wall in our Hallway/Corridor to use as a feature gallery wall. The concept is really versatile and can stretch out as much as your walls allow you to. We picked the size we wanted to go for, the style and the layout (A rather symmetrical, traditional layout) keeping in mind just how much of the bare wall we wanted to use for this. We then chose twelve of our most memorable moments, photos that defined those instances, had them printed and handed them to our frame maker after carefully considering what kind of frame we wanted to go for. We finally settled for a simple gold frame, since we had so many and I wanted the focus to be on the photo itself. The tricky bit was hanging them at exactly the right distance from one another. It took all three of us (My father in law – who helped us hang them, Steven and I) and a few good hours to figure it out by trial and error, hoping the wall would not end up looking like a pincushion. The end result is something we are really proud of. I find myself stopping there every time I run by them and just look at those instances in our life that are worth remembering.

To our horror (some major gasps there!!), Leo, our two year old also stops by them all the time, but I don’t think he is interested in the pictures as much as moving and swinging them around. Here are some more ideas that may inspire you to get a feature gallery at home. It is a great way to use an otherwise boring, bare wall and something that works well in modern, classic or rustic homes. We are still a long way from totally finishing off our Hallway but this feature wall rightfully stands out and transforms this passageway.

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