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Energy Balls

Energy Balls

If you want to indulge in something sweet without the guilt, then these energy balls could do the trick. They are sweet but packed with healthy ingredients your family will not suspect are in there. I just use a chopper to mix and dice all of the ingredients together, and then I just roll a small amount into individual balls and cover them in either powdered almonds or powdered pumpkin seeds. Alternatively you may also use sesame seeds. Before starting I use a fine chopper to powder oats, flaked almonds and pumpkin seeds.



9 Dates

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1tbs Chia seeds

1tbs Coca powder

1/2 cup Powdered oats

1 tsp Powdered flaked almonds

1 tsp Powdered pumpkin seeds

1 tbs Light Tahini paste

1 and 1/2 tbs Honey

It’s easy to make, nutritious and satisfies a sweet tooth!

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