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San Lawrenz – Gozo

San Lawrenz – Gozo

We got to take some time off and start the New Year with a short family trip to Gozo. When going away with children, holidays take on a new meaning. It’s no longer about relaxing but more about making memories and sharing adventures.

We stayed at the Kempinski Hotel in San Lawrenz and enjoyed plenty of good food, fresh air and country walks, which is just what you need at the start of a new year. Of course we made sure that this was a holiday all the family could enjoy, especially our son Leo. Catering for a toddler isn’t all that hard if you really take the time to understand their needs and plan ahead.

When Leo would nap (which doesn’t happen very often) we would try and fit in ‘relaxing activities’. Steve enjoyed some time at the gym and I had time to read. Otherwise it was all toddler friendly activities, which kept Leo occupied and us happy to see him have so much fun.

Leo enjoyed plenty of time at the kids club where he could play freely in a safe environment whilst we took turns running after him and keeping up with such an enthusiastic toddler. He also got a taste of spa life when we all went to the indoor pool for a swim. He loved playing in the water and when it was time to go we had to put up with our feisty two-year-old displaying one of his best tantrums yet. Restraining a soaking wet child can be tricky!

We got to wonder around the streets of San Lawrenz, a small but picturesque village that sums up the quiet, slow passed life in Gozo. We enjoyed each and every dining experience and especially loved the kid’s station at breakfast. We had dinner at the Hotel most nights but also found a way to dine at one of our favourite restaurants in Rabat on one occasion and had a seafood feast.

We strolled through the citadel where some re-enactments where on show, managed to hear a lecture about the corsairs in Malta and the Mediterranean ( Leo napped all through the lecture which was a bonus!) and also saw a traditional nativity crib.

On our last day we made sure to spend some time at Xwejni bay. The seaside in winter has a particular charm and offers a unique experience. Leo loved playing with the pebbles and needless to say he attempted to make a run for it and take a dip in the sea but we managed to get hold of him just in time. Obviously followed by another display of his famous tantrum repertoire (it seems they are becoming more frequent lately). Before taking the ferry back home we visited Bethlehem in Ghajnsielem and was impressed with how well organised this little re-enacted village was. All the farm animals where of particular interest to Leo and I doubt he realised that the nativity scene was the main attraction.

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