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Easy Pear Tart

Easy Pear Tart

I had some puff pastry in the fridge and felt like experimenting and making a quick crowd pleaser since we all like our pastry and tea on cold winter days. It was really simple to make and even the most inexperienced cook can enjoy making this.


Puff pastry

2 pears

Brown sugar

Honey/Maple syrup

Vanilla essence



I just cut up the pears lengthwise and placed it in the middle of the pastry, and then I sprinkled the sugar, cinnamon and rest of the ingredients before closing the sides of the pastry. Follow the pastry instructions for baking and once it looks slightly brown on top, it’s done!

It only took five minutes to put together and we definitely enjoyed it with our afternoon tea. One can add other dried fruit to it such as raisins or dates according to your preference.

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