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DIY Playdough

DIY Playdough

All kids love playing with playdough but most of the ingredients found in store bought playdough are harmful to your children’s health. So I wanted to try making some of my own with edible ingredients. You will find most of these ingredients at home. Once done you may store the dough in your fridge but it will eventually go bad and you will need to make more over time. If you have older children it can be fun to have them join you, letting them enjoy the whole process.


Dry ingredients:

6 tbs all purpose flour

3 tbs salt


Wet Ingredients:

2 tbs warm water

3-4 drops of food colouring (you can also use turmeric for yellow and paprika for an orange red colour)

1tbs olive oil

Mix the wet ingredients together and then separate equally into 4 bowls. Put different colour pigments in each bowl to get different coloured playdough. Transfer the dry ingredients equally amongst the 4 bowls. Kneed the dough and pass on to your kids for the crucial play test.

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