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Hydration – Summer edition

Hydration – Summer edition

We all know it’s important to keep our skin, hair, hands and nails hydrated and moisturised especially in the summer season due to harsh elements such as overexposure of the sun and excessive use of the air conditioning. Our skin needs a lot of help, so here are a few of my personal favourites right now. I think it is good to point out that I am NOT sponsored by any of these brands, these are my own products and this is a genuine review on why I like them.


For my body I use Coconut Oil, not any kind but organic and cold pressed. I am a firm believer in using oils rather then creams because the benefits are far greater. It’s nourishing, antifungal and it also creates a natural light barrier against the sun’s rays…. surprise, surprise…yes it has a natural SPF (But be careful it is no substitute to sunblock since it has a relatively low protective factor). Since it is natural it is also safer than most store bought products. I started using it when I was pregnant and never looked back. dr.organic Aloe Vera Gel is just what you need after a hot day in the sun. I keep mine in the fridge so that it works great as a cooling after sun. It has quickly become a summer staple for the whole family, just ask Steven my husband who never ever enjoys smothering himself in any form of creams, gels or oils. But he used this after he got sunburned and he was impressed. It really works for soothing the skin.

For my Hair I’ve been using the Inecto Argan Conditioner. It feels like it has given me some volume as well even tough it doesn’t promise that on he bottle. But my hair seems to appreciate it. Since my last pregnancy my hair has been suffering due to change in hormones and it refuses to look descent no matter what I put on it. Right after I wash my hair and everyday after that I apply two pumps of the Oi Absolute beautifying Potion. It acts as a serum and really provides some needed TLC. Occasionally I apply a hair mask. This one is from Manufaktura a Czech company so I am not so sure one can get a hold of it locally but if you are ever visiting Prague definitely stock up on their cosmetics, they’re divine! This is a beer mask. Yes BEER. These people really do know their beer and when it’s Spa night they can definitely work up some splendid beer concoctions as well. When I have a bit more time, which is practically never since I have a toddler but lets pretend I do…sometimes, I make my own hair mask using olive oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil which I heat first then apply to the ends of my hair. Hence the Miaroma Sweet Almond Oil making the cut.

I have an ample selection of creams and oils when it comes to my face and the reason is, as my husband would put it……I’m addicted! I think there is no truth in that but of course an addict would never admit to an addiction. But anyways I have very oily skin but with the pregnancy and breast-feeding hormones it progressed into some sort of combination type so I needed to change up my game occasionally. Now regretfully I am back to my old challenges so I reverted back to a classic I have been using ever since I was a student The Simple Light Moisturiser. It’s enough to moisturise but does not feel heavy on my skin. Also I have been loving the Aqua Alle Rose Idratante cream for oily and combination skin, feels fresh and smells gorgeous. For the evening I usually take my day creams and add in a few drops of either Coconut oil or the dr.organic Vitamin E Pure Oil complex, which makes it richer and plumps up the skin as it helps fine lines and scaring. Sometime I feel I need something a bit richer in consistency and that is when I turn to the Manufaktura Carlsbad Regenaration Face Elixir and the smell of roses is a real bonus on this one.

When it comes to my hands I have been enjoying the Manufaktura Carlsbad Regeneration Hand Care Cream. A little goes a long way with this one and it smells amazing. For my nails I mix coconut oil and a few drops of the dr.organic Vitamin E Complex and work this into my cuticle and nail bed. You can see an instant difference even when they have been neglected and are in really bad shape.

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