Toddler Favourites

I am very selective with what I put on my toddler’s skin. When Leo Alexander was a new-born baby I preferred using organic products and still do. I would thoroughly research the ingredient list and made sure I was comfortable with the content. However finding organic products for babies locally isn’t always easy. I would get used to using one thing and suddenly they would stop stocking it and I would have to warm up to something else. Yes I like sticking to what has been tried and tested but unfortunately sometimes that is not always possible.

Some of these products I’ve been using since Leo’s birth, like the fantastic Water Wipes. I can’t tell you the horror of what sort of harmful chemicals they put into baby wipes, you couldn’t even imagine. So I traced down these wipes and managed to find a shop that stocks them. Fortunately nowadays I can find it from a few different places. It is pricier then most other wipes but I feel safer using these knowing the risks.

I’ve also tried a few different nappy creams, some of which were water based and had a very good ingredient list however with nappy creams you quickly learn that it is not just about soothing it also needs to create a protective barrier for it to do its job properly. I finally found one I am super happy with and so is Leo’s little derriere. The Bioearth sensitive from the beauty seed is not certified organic but most of the ingredients used are actually organic and of natural origin. When it comes to bath time I’ve used the Baby Boo Organic bodywash, which I like but I was hoping I could find something I could use for his hair as well so I ended up getting the Hipp Head to Toe baby wash, which unfortunately is not organic but it is free of some common harsh chemicals. Also an addition to the summer months is obviously the Anthyllis SPF 50, which is safe enough to use on new-borns and is made of 100% natural ingredients.

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