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Relais Torre Marabino – A Sicilian Getaway

Relais Torre Marabino – A Sicilian Getaway

This was our second time staying at Torre Marabino but our first time with Leo Alexander, our 15-month-old son. It’s not hard to fall in love with this beautiful place. The backdrop of the Sicilian countryside, excellent organic produce and fresh country air make this agro-tourism experience ideal for any family. It’s an oasis hidden away amongst rustic Mediterranean vegetation and farmland. Just 10 minutes away from Pozallo, Relais Torre Marabino is really as charming as it looks. Leo is still very young to appreciate all of it’s beauty, but the sense of calm, amongst nature really make this a most ideal getaway for couples and families looking for short breaks away from the usual hustle and bustle. We spent three days of sun, fun and sight seeing amongst other dramatic chapters related to my insecurities as a mum travelling with such a small infant.

As a new mummy biggest concern is my son’s comfort when travelling away from home and this at times can be challenging. Packing was not light! This was our first experience away with Leo and I must admitit takes some good sense, long lists and wise pre-planning. We intend on taking Leo on a few trips around the world whenever possible so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to get us warmed up before deciding to go on longer holidays.

Despite my anxieties Leo seemed to enjoy our stay as much as his mummy and daddy did. We enjoyed time at the playground on the premises. Both breakfast and dinner here are a unique experience, offering a wide variety of fresh, organically grown produce, served and cooked by an amazing chef who takes pride in presenting every plate as if it were a work of art. The staff was always so helpful and made it easy for us to enjoy our time.

Whilst in Sicily we visited Noto and Scicli. Both a UNESCO world heritage sight. I was excited to visit the Museum of costume and have some orange and Carob gelato (ice cream). Leo also tasted his first ice cream and seemed to be intrigued enough to have another try, so I gladly shared some with him.

I’m sure this will not be our last time in Sicily and at Torre Marabino. Every time we visit this beautiful place we leave with so many memories. It truly is the perfect short break for us, being so close and accessible to us from Malta. To immerse ourselves in nature, breath fresh air and surround our self with everything we seem to be missing back home.

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