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Gozo Day Trip

Gozo Day Trip

It’s crazy how tired I feel after the day trip we took to our sister island Gozo. Probably because we went there back to back with our Sicilian Holiday which left me exhausted. April has been one of the busiest months for me but I was blessed to enjoy more time with the family as Steven had plenty time away from his work duties and we were able to make some fantastic new memories to cherish. So apart from the fact that I just turned 31 and getting older does make you more tired, it seems days out in the sun, travelling and running after a very feisty toddler can leave you somewhat exhausted. You have been warned!!!!! But on the whole this turned out to be a good month and this one-day trip to Gozo was just amazing. Our local friends met up with us and we were able to check out new locations despite this being our millionth time on the island of Calypso. I got to finally try the famous Maxokk ftira, which looks and tastes more like a fancy focaccia packed with potato, Maltese sausage ad rosemary and the best thing about it was that we drove to this remote cave with some breath-taking views of Ramla Bay and had our lunch there. It was a surreal experience! I thought I had seen most of this little island but I soon found out just how little I had seen. Of course after the devastating parting with the Dwejra Azzure window, most of us felt the need to find a worthy replacement. How can we visit Gozo and not take our usual photo souvenir; posing in front of our beloved Azzure window which exists no more! Out with the old and in with the new, carefully documented on camera obviously, we just had to have our photo taken.

Leo also got to play on some dry algae on a rather small beach we visited, again a new one we had never been to before. It’s hilarious to watch Leo’s expressions and wave of emotions as he takes to sensory play every time we lay him down onto new grounds. It is amusing to watch Toddlers getting acquainted with new Textures, most of which they don’t enjoy first time around.

We also visited this adorable coffee place for some sinfully sugar loaded milk shakes that tasted heavenly. The whole place was covered in candy; every child and adult’s dream alike. This trip might have left me desperate for some sleep but nonetheless it was a great opportunity to get to re-discover Gozo in the company of family and good friends.

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